Growing up partly deaf in a silent family, with deaf parents, forced me to quietly watch and observe people around me every day. Accurately observing those people, watching their body language, and using lip reading, helped me to understand conversations and interact with people as others do.

Even today, the practice of observing fascinates me, and my work has been affected by that. It is no surprise , that most of my paintings are in the form of figurative or portrait painting using oils and acrylics, often painted in bold colours, combining a realistic style with abstract features to compliment this boldness.

As an artist, who came from Lithuania to England, and subsequently been affected by sudden exposure to large variety of cultures and languages, I have been working to reflect also to emphasize little nuances of people's everyday life, also it made me explore and experiment with different styles of painting, and introducing various mediums to my work.

Painting always has been a part of my life,
 I took numerous short painting courses over several years and had a year long painting tuition with a London based artist . I have completed an intense two years Fine Art course  at City Lit in London and just graduated with first grade of BA (Honours) of Fine Arts at UEL.



 2013 June - Joint exhibition with fellow artist, Valentines Mansion, London

 2015 July - Joint exhibition with fellow artist from "Tuesday group", Espacio Gallery, London  

 2016 June - Joint exhibition  with fellow artist from "Tuesday group", Burgh House, London 

 2017 May- group exhibition, UEL 

 2017 February - Group exhibition 'Is This IT', Themes-side studios, London

 2017 December - 'Fresh Face' exhibition with Alicia Lowe and Lou Rivers, A-side, B-side Gallery, London

 2018 May - Group exhibition, UEL